This is a wiki to help facilitate the teachers and administrators who are using MyAccess! as a tool in their classrooms and schools! On this wiki you can find out about upcoming open houses in your area, contact knowledgeable people for assistance and ideas, find out how others in our district and around the state are using MyAccess!, discover answers to questions, and much, MUCH more!

District Junior High Writing Contest

This contest ran for the first two weeks of February. Stay tuned for more information on winners from each school!


It's a Literacy Stampede!

Our theme this year is the writing stampede. You can scream, you can hide, or you can... check the link below to find out how to join the stampede and integrate the power of writing in your own classroom!

Literacy Stampede

Current Newsletter

Persuasive Writing

Need help with how to teach persuasive writing? Check out our new page on creative ideas for teaching your students how to persuade!
Persuasive Writing

Tip of the Week
Check out our tip of the week to see how other teachers are using MyAccess! in their classrooms!